Need Help Establishing Guardianship?

Need Help Establishing Guardianship?

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Filing for adult guardianship will allow you to protect a parent or senior relative from exploitation and neglect. But the process can be lengthy and complicated on your own. Contact Judith P Kenney & Associates, P.C. for professional guardianship services in Frisco, TX. Your dedicated guardianship attorney will walk you through each step to help you protect your loved one.

Our law firm has over 30 years of experience providing guardianship services. We can also assist you in reversing or modifying an existing guardianship agreement.

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What are the responsibilities of a guardian?

Becoming a legal guardian comes with several responsibilities. Some of your duties will include:

  • Ensuring their living situation is safe
  • Making decisions about their health care
  • Providing social, financial and other basic needs

While an adult guardian is most often a child or close relative, guardianship law allows for any person to take on this legal responsibility. Speak with a local guardianship attorney today to get answers to any of your questions.