Property Disposition Exactly How You Want It

Think Ahead of Any Contingency

Wills are the most basic planning tool when it comes to managing your estate, and Judith P. Kenney & Associates can help prepare it for you.

While a will may allow you to leave your property outright to your beneficiaries, it may also include trusts for your surviving family members, testamentary trusts where a living trust arrangement is selected as well as a pour-over will, which transfers the property to the living trust.

You can call us at 972-713-6133. We will be glad to walk you through the legal aspect of drafting a will.

Our Estate/Disability Planning Services

Judith P. Kenney & Associates, P.C. prepares the following documents, which are significant in planning for potential disability, as part of our estate/disability planning package:

  • General statutory power of attorney (or limited power of attorney): To enable another to act as your agent
  • Medical power of attorney (with disclosure statements): To designate agents to make medical decisions for you in the event that you are unable to act
  • Advanced directive (living will): To express your preference whether or not to withhold your life support
  • HIPAA release: To authorize named individuals to access your medical records and talk to the doctors
  • Appointment of agent to control disposition of remains: To name individuals who will authorize your organ donation, cremation and other burial arrangements, which will be effective at death

In addition to preparing legal documents, we also provide the following services under our estate/disability planning package:

  • Gift planning: To represent you in reducing gift or estate taxes through trust planning and other planning, which involves children’s trusts, corporations, partnerships and other entities
  • Beneficiary designation: To assist you in coordinating your retirement plan with that of your insurance, banking or brokerage accounts as well as go through your beneficiary designations with other estate planning documents for a consistent estate plan
  • Charitable planning and formation of charitable organization and foundation: To assist you in qualifying your organization for tax exemption as a nonprofit public charity as well as advise you on the operation of your organization, including charitable foundations and provide plan for support and gifts to community foundations