Judith P. Kenney & Associates, P.C., advises clients on the type of probate proceeding appropriate to the particular estate: Regular administration where the Executor is appointed by the Court to administer the estate and receives Letters Testamentary, where there is a Will, or Letters of Independent Administration where there is no Will. We assist with court-created independent administration. We assist the out-of-state personal representative to qualify as Executor or Administrator in Texas. Judith P. Kenney & Associates, P.C., represents the personal representative and assists with the probate process of admitting the Will to probate, qualifying the Executor or Administrator, filing the requisite notices to creditors and to the beneficiaries, administering the estate, distributing the property to the beneficiaries and then closing the estate administration if desired.

  •  Ancillary Probate. Our firm assists out-of-state representatives with ancillary administrations in Texas.
  •  Muniment of Title. Muniment of Title is a probate process where there is no administration. The Will passes title to the property to the beneficiaries without the appointment of a personal representative. The Applicant may be required to file an affidavit within six months as to the fulfilled and unfulfilled terms of the Will.
  •  Lost Wills. If the original Will is lost, the firm assists the personal representative in probating a copy of the Will.
  •  Old Wills. Wills offered for probate more than four years after death require special notice requirements to the heirs.

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