Determining the Next-of-Kin When There Is No Will

Heir Representation

 If there is no will, probate is handled through an heirship proceeding where the next of kin is determined. In heirship, there is either administration or an order of no administration. At Judith P. Kenney & Associates, we represent the heirs in heirship proceedings. 

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Legal Assistance for Heirship Proceeding 

  • Contested heirship proceedings: Representing the parties in a contested heirship proceeding, such as when there are disputes over the identity of the heirs, common-law spouse, nonmarital children, marriage or where several applicants are competing to be appointed administrator
  • Heirs: Representing the beneficiaries of estates to make certain that the beneficiary receives the property to which he or she is entitled
  • Ad litem representation: Representing the unknown heirs or the heirs whose whereabouts are unknown as attorneys ad litem