Establishing a Guardian in Case of Incapacity

Know That Your Loved Ones Are Always in Good Hands

There are situations where a guardian has to be established to look after a person, their property or both. In Texas, this may occur when a child is under the age of 18 and considered a minor or in case of an adult who is incapacitated, either because of an injury, a medical condition, age or for some other reason. 

While many of these situations can be handled through proper estate planning, it is sometimes necessary to resort to a formal court proceeding to name someone to be the guardian of that person.

Judith P. Kenney & Associates can assist you in addressing these situations by resorting to guardianship proceedings if other less restrictive methods are not available or sufficient. Judith P. Kenney is routinely appointed by all three probate courts in Dallas County as well as the probate courts in Collin County and Denton County to serve as attorney ad litem and as guardian ad litem.

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We Have Extensive Experience on Guardianship Matters

We provide guardianship services if you are applying for guardianship or temporary guardianship, as well as handle contested guardianship in situations when there is more than one applicant.

We also provide services to resolve contested guardianship through the utilization of public guardians and the use of the Guardianship Management Trusts.

Judith P. Kenney is certified in guardianship matters and can be appointed by the courts as an attorney ad litem and/or guardian ad litem to represent the proposed ward who may be found to be an incapacitated person.

We likewise represent the guardian and assist in the preparation and filing of the annual account and had represented parties seeking the appointment of a receiver in a guardianship proceeding, as well as those parties seeking temporary guardianship or other possible emergency proceedings.