Judith P. Kenney & Associates, P.C., provides guardianship services to persons applying for guardianship, temporary guardianship and handling contested guardianships where there is more than one applicant.

• Our firm provides services to resolve contested guardianship through the utilization of public guardians, and the use of the Guardianship Management Trusts.

• Judith P. Kenney and Nat M. Kenney, III, are certified in guardianship matters to be appointed by the Courts as attorney and guardian ad litems to represent the proposed Ward who may be found to be an incapacitated person.

• Our firm represents the guardian and assists with the preparation and filing of the annual account.

• Judith P. Kenney & Associates, P.C., has represented parties seeking the appointment of a receiver in a guardianship proceeding.

• Our firm represents parties seeking a temporary guardianship or other emergency proceedings.

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