Fiduciary Litigation

Fiduciary litigation involves suits against persons acting as fiduciaries–Executors, Administrators, Guardians and Trustees. Where the fiduciary engages in misconduct, the fiduciary may be required to account to the beneficiaries and to be removed by the Court. Judith P. Kenney & Associates, P.C., defends fiduciaries and represents beneficiaries involved in fiduciary litigation.

Creditor’s Claims. The firm, on behalf of the personal representative, may contest creditor’s claim or a reimbursement claim.

Closing Estate. The firm may represent fiduciaries or beneficiaries seeking to close an estate administration and provide for distribution of the estate assets.

Will Contests. The firm represents the Executor or Administrator who is applying for the Will to be admitted to probate and that application is contested by an earlier Will.

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